Donate Gently Used Clothes to Schoola | @schoola #clothes4school #ad

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Girls Closet via www.toddlertrails.comMy kids are finally starting to hit some serious growth spurts. With that, they’re finally growing out of the toddler sizes and into big kids clothes. The predicament, closets and drawers full of clothes that don’t fit.  While I’ve used consignment sales in the past, I’ve decided that donating seems to be the best fit for us. There are organizations like Schoola that consign gently used clothing at amazing prices. Specific schools in the program receive the proceeds from each item sold, money that funds programs so critical to the success of our kids.  Continue reading

The Greatest Show On Earth – Ringling Bros. | @RinglingBros

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As part of the Feld Entertainment group of bloggers, we often get invited to rare opportunities.  For instance, yesterday we were delighted at the chance to have a few popsicles with the pachyderms and enjoy an evening at the circus at the Honda Center with Ringling Bros.

Baby Elephant Popsicle

These beautiful creatures were treated to some tantalizing popsicles – ice cubes filled with watermelon and cantaloupe. While our munchkins were offered some delicious popsicles of their own.

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Become an Official Pirate at The Pirates Dinner Adventure | @PirateDinnerCA

We took the kids on a family fun swashbuckling adventure at the Pirates Dinner Adventure in Buena Park. Such a fun family experience, I’ve decided to add it to our Summer Bucket List for next year!

Pirate Dinner AdventureSponsored EVENT

The Pirates Dinner Adventure in Buena Park is a great interactive experience for the whole family. Continue reading

Healthy Convenient Meals By Sous Kitchen & #Giveaway | @souskitchen #WilleyMobileAdventures

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While preparing for our 2014 road trip, I had decided to make larger portions of food so that I could intentionally freeze leftovers.  By the time we packed up the Willey Mobile for our 2 week trip, we had several meals already set, but I was looking for other options for quick, convenient and tasty meals the family would love.  Thanks to our friends at Sous Kitchen, we had the final pre-packaged meals ready to go.

Sous Kitchen Huli Huli Pork

Sous Kitchen is a great meal delivery service for those who love delicious, healthy meals but lack the time to plan, shop and prepare in advance.  Imagine receiving pre-packages meals, prepped and ready to cook on your doorstep. Continue reading

Touring Salt Lake City and Temple Square | #WilleyMobileAdventures #RoadTrip2014

The next stop on our 2 week road trip took us to Salt Lake City.  We really didn’t know what we wanted to see in Salt Lake, but as everyone says, see the Great Salt Lake.

Salt Lake City KOA

While we headed into town, we decided to check into our campground.  Have I told you we love staying at KOA? The Salt Lake City KOA was beautiful and had all the amenities we were looking for on our one night stop. Continue reading

Traveling Game Time with Funny Bones Games|@funnybonetoys

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While traveling, we had lots of opportunities for game time. And rather than spending so much time with technology (i.e. iPads, iPods, movies, etc) we played a few Funny Bones Games.

Funny Bones Games


Funny Bones is part skill, part tradition and totally fun! And, with 30 game challenges, the excitement never ends. 

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Picturesque Bryce Canyon | #WilleyMobileAdventures #RoadTrip2014

On our crazy 2 week road trip, from The Grand Canyon, we headed North through Arizona, into Utah to Bryce Canyon.

Bryce Canyon Kids

Bryce Canyon quickly became one of my favorite stops along our road trip. The beautiful reddish tones of the stone mixed with the green trees was so unbelievably beautiful.

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Climbing and Family Fun at Funtopia | @SendWithUs #sendwithus

Have you ever tried indoor rock climbing?  Sender One and Funtopia is bringing the art of rock climbing to a whole new level of family fun!


Last week we had the opportunity to tour and experience Funtopia in Santa Ana.

FuntopiaSender One

1441 S. Village Way
Santa Ana, CA 92705
(714) 881-3456

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Rio2 & Family Jam at LA Zoo | @FHEInsiders #FamilyJam #Rio2 @LAZoo

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Last weekend we were invited by our friends at Fox Home Entertainment to spend a night out with the family celebrating Rio2 at The LA Zoo’s Family Jam.

Family Jam LA Zoo

Have you ever seen the Zoo animals in the evening? The LA Zoo hosted Family Jam where guests were invited to talk with some of the keepers and get up close to a few of the animals while strolling around some of the exhibits of endangered, rare and exotic animals; many of which are more active during later hours. Continue reading

Selfie at The Grand Canyon | #WilleyMobileAdventures #RoadTrip2014

With the kids being 5 and 6, one of the stops we’re hoping they will remember, even if only through pictures is the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.

The Willeys at The Grand Canyon

Honestly, I don’t like the picture of us, only because we look ragged from road tripping all day long, but its the only picture I have of us visiting this beautiful spot. Continue reading